Important basic rules for creating a proper environment during massage

Basically, there are a few basic rules for a good environment during a relaxing massage or shiatsu. First, you should make sure that the room is sufficiently warm and well heated. After all, the muscles tense up at cold temperatures. Especially with oil massages this plays a decisive role. In addition, towels and pillows are needed as a base and comfortable lying surface for the person being treated. In contrast, Shiatsu is always performed on the floor. Here the massaged person lies, for example, on a towel or sheet covering a gymnastic mat. In this way, anyone can also perform massages, if they do not cause discomfort to both parties. Otherwise, it is recommended to buy a massage table. In order to relax the eyes, the light should be soft and not too bright. Many massage lovers like to switch off with soothing wellness music, while others attach great importance to silence in the room. In order to calm down during the massage, possible disturbing factors must be reduced in advance. These include turning off cell phones or other devices that prevent a relaxed mood during the massage. At the end of the massage, the masseur lays a warm towel on the treated person for pampering and creating a pleasant atmosphere. For shiatsu, a soft blanket is quite sufficient.

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